Some idea for Event!!

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Some idea for Event!!

Post  Sora on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:38 am

I Have a Lot Of Events ideas

-Event Dice

-Race Event

-Guess The Monster Event

-Guess The Nummber event

-Gold Event

-Hide And Seek Event

-PvP Event

-PvP Novice Event

-Race Novice

-MVP Event

-Zombie Novice Event

-New Year Event

-Stop At The Box

-Boxs Event

-Tarot Card Event

-Guess The Smilies Event Very Happy Mad Sad Smile Shocked Embarassed Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Twisted Evil Question Exclamation confused

-Portal Warper Event

-PvP Guild Vs Guild - Party Vs Party

-Collection items Event

-Apples Event.

And More More!!

Have Fun~


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