Where is the client file?

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Where is the client file?

Post  Kryptika on Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:20 pm

Ok, so I just downloaded the torrent file. I also downloaded the part 7 (the link file). I unzipped everything into it's own seperate folder. (This is the only RO server I HAVE on my computer.) You know the exe file you click on to OPEN ragnarok to PLAY it? ... I can't find it. I THOUGHT I had everything updated last night but I was mistaken. I have one more Patch Client to update. Will the client file appear when it's completely updated or what? ...I've never downloaded a server that didn't have a client file.. Do I have to download it seperately?

Btw, my SISTER is Tooshie.. (Atleast I ASSUME she uses that name on here... that's the only name she's used on the last 70+ servers she's played....)



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Re: Where is the client file?

Post  Admin Jason on Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:45 pm

Once you download the ragray client. they have their own patcher to stay updated with all the new items. to connect to our server you need to download the file above it. its about 25 - 28 mb zipped. when you extract it you should get 3 files. A NewEraRO.exe file. A NewEraRO.grf file. and a DATA.INI file. put these files in the RO folder. (usually defaulted to C:Program Files/Gravity/RO) . once you have these inside just make a shortcut of the NewEraRO.exe to your desktop . click and login . Hope this helps.

Admin Jason

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